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Genesis of sound evolution

The Industrial music scene of the late 1970's shaped the future.  
D-Generation Magazine connects you with the originals, and discusses what has become of the music, the bands and 
the ethic.

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A 96 page A5 perfect bound bookzine

"On the cover is a photo of Genesis P-Orridge I took at Centro Iberico in 1979. This is a limited run magazine/book (400 copies only) . It is sure to quickly become a collector’s item  
D-Generation has interviews and conversations from people there at the time - people such as Dave Farmer, AKA Nanavesh, who chats about his mis/adventures with Gen back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Carl Abrahamsson talks about his time with Gen, Lawrence Burton discusses what industrial means to him. Alice Genese talks of her time in Psychic TV. Chris Low talks about Centro Iberico. Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) reveals his early adventures in electronica. Jack Sargeant interviews the legendary Vale (Re/Search). Chandra Shukla talks of Gen. Nick Soulsby discusses the late 70’s/early 80’s bedroom band phenomena. I am interviewed by Marcy Angeles, Jordi Valls reviews shooting the film ‘Catalan’ with Gen, and we have a tribute to the Memphis legend, Mike Honeycutt, who sadly left us in 2023.
It’s full of stories, photos, memories and anecdotes.  
The magazine also comes with an exclusive CD with The Apostles, Chandra Shukla, Cotton Ferox, Nanavesh, Ov Stars, Rapoon, Retirement Community, Tone Generator, Val Denham and we be echo. 
An additional bonus comes in the form of 8 polaroid reprints that Dave Farmer took at Beck Road."
~ Kevin Thorne 

Published by UltraMailProd in Hong Kong. With thanks to Yuen.